7 Casting Tips To Improve College Videos


…or, what to do without young Matt Damons and Jodie Fosters

Not surprisingly, the cast of your admissions or campaign fundraising video is the single most important element in the communication. Why? The connection a donor or prospective student feels towards your school is an emotional one. The characters who appear in your videos – students, faculty, alumni – establish your credibility, spark the viewers’ empathy and forge that all-important human connection.  And too often, not enough care is taken at the critical time in the process, that is, when choosing your film stars.  Tribe Pictures offers these simple tips to get more out of every video production.

1. The Appeal of Diversity 
The video you promote for your institution should not only show inspiration, but also aspiration. It is important to honestly reflect the diversity of your campus, while at the same time casting in the direction you want your college to grow. Remember, your prospects are looking for a stimulating environment, not homogeneity.

In an admission video for one college with a reputation for being

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