Putting the "Human" Back in "Human Resources"

When it comes to recruiting and Human Resources, I can’t think of a more uncertain time. Anyone who’s been in the business world for more than a few years has experienced at least one cycle of boom and bust – a period of not enough jobs…or not enough talent to fill the jobs that are available.

But in the current moment, no one seems to know exactly what’s going on. Are we booming or busting? One national conversation is about stagnating wages and people dropping out of the work force. But at the same time, recruiters are fighting to attract talent, job hopping is the new normal, and in many fields key positions are going unfilled for longer and longer periods of time.

So what’s happening? And what can we do about it?

I believe that we’re seeing no less than a fundamental shift in the relationship between employer and employee, driven by economic, cultural, and generational realities. And that this shift is profoundly changing how most companies need to think about talent acquisition and retention. It’s changing how companies should present themselves, and the tools and techniques they use to do it.


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