Employee Engagement Videos That Will Make Anyone Want to Work for You

September 13th, 2016 Tribe Pictures

At Tribe we help our clients create clear, powerful connections with their current and potential employees. The internal communications videos below show some of Tribe’s work in the areas of human resources, employee relations, and employee recruitment.

“Sundar” BASF

Benefits/Employer Brand Video

The Challenge: To illustrate the power of BASF’s comprehensive benefits package and the personal effect on its employees.
Tribe’s Solution: In the you@BASF series, Tribe chose to highlight personal stories to entice prospective employees.
Why?: The best corporate video production teams know that personal stories and anecdotes are easier to understand than flat lists of facts and figures.

“Welcome to KPMG” KPMG

Employer Brand Video

The Challenge: Communicate the culture, global brand and employee opportunity at KPMG.
Tribe’s Solution: Tribe worked with KPMG to learn employee stories, and to get the inside scoop. What is it really like to work at KPMG? This corporate culture video series seeks to answer that question as if you have a friend on the inside.
Why?: A work culture video is most revealing and honest when it offers insight from many perspectives and departments.

“Working with Us” Stanley Black and Decker

Recruiting Video

The Challenge: To prove that SBD is more than “just a tool company” and show its diversity and global reach.
Tribe’s Solution: Tribe worked to find the best stories, that highlight the diversity of brands, the variety of products, and the company’s global mind-set set in order to show the wealth of opportunities available to SBD employees.
Why?: The best recruitment videos leave potential employees excited and eager to work for the company.

“People” Hess

Values and Culture Video

The Challenge: To show the rich diversity of Hess, its global reach, and to highlight one of the company’s important values: people.
Tribe’s Solution: We found and told authentic, diverse, human and compelling business narratives to create a corporate culture video that connects with employees, and the public.
Why?: Companies don’t just make a product; they hold a place in the community. The best work culture videos build a bridge between the office and the rest of the world.

“Keith Maynard” Actavis

Employee Profile Video

The Challenge: To humanize the company at the time of its merger with Watson Pharmaceuticals, through a series of employee profiles.
Tribe’s Solution: Tribe’s thorough casting process and pre-interviewing often sets our work apart. For this company merger video series, we found the best stories to illuminate the company’s human side.
Why?: When a company merger is announced, the first thing employees want to know is: what does this mean for me? An effective corporate video leaves employees confident in their roles, and eager to embrace their new coworkers.

The best company culture videos are personal, revealing, and highlight products, culture, and people. They communicate with clarity and vision what the company is really about, to current and future employees.

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