4 Secrets to Making Great Films for Higher Education

4 Secrets to Making Great Films for Higher Education


As a higher education marketer, development or admissions officer, you probably didn't set out to follow in Steven Spielberg's footsteps but increasingly, higher ed communicators have become filmmakers.

At one time, you produced videos every few years – a signature film for admissions or a campaign launch. But videos today are an essential tool – from short “snackable” videos pushed out via email or social media, to longer features shown at campus and regional events, to videos of all lengths published online and available on demand.

Partners at Tribe Pictures, Vern Oakley and Jon Huberth have been making films for higher education clients as well as other nonprofit and corporate clients for 28 years. They bring feature filmmaking and theatre backgrounds to admissions, branding and campaign films for a variety of higher ed institutions from Amherst and Princeton, to the University of Vermont and NYU School of Law. As schools rely more heavily on film to communicate their brands and missions, many have turned to Vern and Jon for insider filmmaking expertise. Here, the pair shares some of their best advice on how to make better, more meaningful films for your institution

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