Your Company’s Legacy Beyond Video

March 24th, 2021 Tribe Pictures

The world is waking up to injustice. Leaders in all industries are being held accountable for negative attitudes and heartless actions. Fear-based business practices are collapsing as social media and cellphone journalism are shining light on the darkest practices.

Good leadership rises above the rest

The modern concept of leadership is evolving toward transparency. The exposure of corruption is creating space for trustworthy leaders to rise above and prove themselves. Video offers a great opportunity to show others when a true leader is the kind of person they actually want to follow. By showing your true self on camera, you become a living example of a leader who cares about how your organization affects the world. And your organization will be remembered not for buzzwords but for its genuine impact.

Share your values and morals

Chemicals company BASF proudly boasts that they “combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.” When Tribe was asked to reflect the company’s community values in a video, we allowed BASF’s LGBT employees take the reins. The resulting video demonstrates BASF’s social responsibility in action: creating a safe environment so employees of all identities can feel a strong sense of belonging.

Authenticity has a monetary value

Now more than ever, clients and investors put their money where their values are. The benefits of this approach are innumerable. Open communication shows how your company cares about its people, work, and mission. When you use video to tell meaningful stories and proudly demonstrate your values, you’ll soar ahead of shady players.