We make human-first, story-based films and videos. For 29+ years, our productions have helped launch and relaunch major brands and new products, position companies to their financial stakeholders, document social responsibility programs, help raise billions of dollars for major capital campaigns, recruit new employees, celebrate organizational milestones and support trade shows, global webcasts and crisis communications.

We make corporate films for sales, marketing & branding, investor relations, executive leadership, recruiting & human resources, values and celebration & recognition.

We craft films for campaigns, admissions, milestones, announcements & web shorts for educational institutions. And our entertainment film credits include features, television and documentaries.

We help CEOs, presidents, senior leaders and everyday folks feel comfortable on camera allowing them to reveal genuine passion, memorable moments, and universal truths. Learn more about our Expertise.

Vision & Values

Do great work that moves and mobilizes audiences and helps create meaning in their lives.

Commit to excellence
Insist on integrity
Treat people fairly
Value diversity
Communicate openly, honestly and directly
Listen with an open mind and learn from everything
Take responsibility and lead by example
Respect others
Encourage innovation
Work as a team
Enjoy what you do

How We Work

With strategy, craft and artistry, we create emotional human connections.

Everything begins with a conversation. We want to know who you are. Where are you now? Where were you before and what do you want to be? How will you get there? What does success look like to you?

Your answers launch our creative process. We learn about you to craft the best strategy to tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

Our brand, human resource and CEO films are straightforward, moving, elemental, uncomplicated. How we make them – with strategic intelligence, rigorous collaboration, devout craftsmanship, attention to detail – is not.

The Bigger Picture

Tribe is a citizen of the world. Every year, we engage with causes, charities and non-profits, contributing our time and expertise. Here are a few recent examples.

Vern led a collaboration between Citizen Group headed by Robin Raj, The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) and our international production partners, to create a video commemorating Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary. The film -“One More Voice” - speaks to the power of a collective voice against all manner of injustice.

50th anniversary video
Amnesty International
“One More Voice”

Narrator: Meryl Streep | Original Score: Hans Zimmer

Similarly, we collaborated with Robin Raj (Citizen Group) and IQ in this part art/part cultural anthropology project called “What I See.” This global exploration of what it means to be a woman was created through a series of interviews that helped open a deeper and broader dialogue around women's self-perception and self-expression.

Nonprofit Video Storytelling
Citizen Group
“What I See”

For more information about these projects, read our blog post.
Learn more about IQ and Our Global Reach.

Previously, we have made films for:
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Camp Boggy Creek
Jersey Battered Women’s Service
Montefiore Hospital
New Eyes for the Needy
Our House
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

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