Tribe Pictures: It’s About Connection

For over three decades, our business video productions have helped launch and relaunch major brands and new products, connect companies with their financial stakeholders, document social responsibility programs, raise billions of dollars for major capital campaigns, recruit new employees, celebrate organizational milestones, and support trade shows, global webcasts, and crisis communications.

We make corporate videos for sales, marketing and branding, investor relations, executive leadership, recruiting and human resources, celebrations, and recognitions. We craft brand films for campaigns, admissions, milestones, announcements, and web shorts for educational institutions. Our production team helps CEOs, presidents, senior leaders, and everyday folks feel comfortable on camera, allowing them to reveal genuine passion, memorable moments, and universal truths.

We believe:

  • We are here to increase the quantity and quality of human connections.
  • A human-first approach is the best way to do business.
  • Inside every person and organization is a fascinating story waiting to be told.
  • It's never too late to make it better.
  • Meticulous planning supports flexibility and spontaneity.
  • Profit is a natural by-product of excellence.
  • We are never vendors. We are partners.
  • The world would be a better place if every business behaved like a human being.

Meet the Tribe

A team of highly creative individuals ready to turn your ideas into compelling company films.

Vern Oakley

CEO and Creative Director

Barbara Hennessy

Senior VP, Production

Michael Chomet

Senior VP / Creative Director

Jon Huberth

Producer / Director

Chris Mushinskie

Post Production Manager

Matteo Banfo

Creative Director / Filmmaker

Cynthia Murphy

Finance Manager

Anna Ruberti

Business Manager

Paul Delfino


Heather Stanton

Administrative Assistant to the CEO and the Sr. Vice President of Production

Virgil Dorjo


Our Clients

We produce award-winning videos for Fortune 500 companies and leading universities around the world.

International Capabilities

A Globally Connected Tribe.

Today, connections know no boundaries. To be successfully connected anywhere you have to be connected everywhere. That’s why Tribe’s network extends to so many parts of the world where our clients do business.

Tribe is an active participant of the IQ network (the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers). For nearly 50 years, IQ has worked to foster collaboration and connect the world’s top filmmakers. By working through IQ we save our clients time, money, headaches and hassles.

In 2010, Vern Oakley was elected President and served a four year term. To learn more about IQ go to: