"Twice As"

Actavis Challenge:

Communicate the culture, global strength, and opportunity of the Watson & Actavis merger to the newly combined workforce, the media, investors and stakeholders around the world.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe assembled an international team of talent to create – from script through global production to final edits –two videos that humanized all aspects of the new company. The global span and all-inclusive nature of the content ensured broad representation and the greatest possible connection between the newly merged workforce and its now unified company.


Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Producer: Jim Calabrese
Director: Jim Calabrese, Sebastian Cardemil, Vern Oakley
Writer: Peter Van Dijk
DPs: Dan Karlok, Eric Westpheling, Francesco Arcidiacono, Harmeet Basur
Editor: Mark Block
Production Italy: Giacomo Arrigoni Productions (IQ)
Production India: Riverbank Studios (IQ)
Music: Extreme Music


2012- Gold Award – Aurora Awards
2013- Award of Distinction- Communicator Awards
2013- Award of Merit- Accolade Awards
2013- Silver Medal- Telly Awards
2013- Golden Eagle- CINE Awards

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