Bulletproof Entrepreneur on How to Use Video to Grow Your Business

Tribe CEO Vern Oakley was recently featured on the Bulletproof entrepreneur podcast with Chi Odogwu.

Transcript follows:

If you're ready to take your destiny into your own hands, you've come to the right place. This is the bulletproof entrepreneur, featuring interviews with the most exciting and amazing entrepreneur .... Here's your host Chi Odogwu.

Vern Oakley on Business Insanity Talk Radio

Vern Oakley was recently featured on Barry Moltz's Business Insanity Talk Radio on WIND AM. The discussion includes:

The power of video to impact company culture, the bottom line and the legacy of a leader.
How to harness the power of video in your organization.

Tribe Pictures CEO Vern Oakley on the As Told By Nomads Podcast

Tribe CEO/Creative Director Vern Oakley was on the As Told By Nomads Podcast recently. To listen go here: https://uydmedia.com/how-to-bring-out-your-best-on-camera-with-vern-oakley/

Choice quote:

“With over $160 billion spent in the U.S. alone on employee training and education, companies clearly need to make changes regarding how their connecting with their employees to make these investments worthwhile,” says ‘business artist’ Vern Oakley, the CEO of corporate video producers Tribe Pictures.

Article Announcement: Why Video is No Longer Optional for Corporate Social Responsibility

The following is an excerpt of a review of Tribe CEO Vern Oakley's recent speaking engagement at the Corporate Responsibility's COMMIT!Forum. You can read the entire article here.
“Almost every aspect of corporations have a way that videos are used, and I believe that CSR – as the conscience of the organization – needs to be woven into all of these things,” he said.

How to Direct Great Onboarding Videos

The following is an excerpt from a piece that ran in Talent Development Magazine. To read the rest, download the PDF.

Video is ubiquitous these days, but many organizations don’t realize what a powerful tool it can be for getting employees behind your company message when they first join the team.

How Leaders Can Use Video to Connect with Any Generation

Ryan Jenkins, internationally recognized speaker and consultant who helps organizations better lead, engage, and market to Millennials and Generation Z, recently interviewed Tribe CEO Vern Oakley on the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast. The topic was how leaders can use video to connect with Millennials and Generation Z, and all generations for that matter.

Webinar Replay: Rethink Recruiting: New Video Technology & Tactics for Attracting Top Talent

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The competitive nature of talent acquisition means that what worked for you yesterday, might not work today. In the case of talent acquisition, the medium is indeed the message. Your employer brand says a lot about who you are as a company, and when new recruits turn into employees, they become brand ambassadors.