Celebrating 200 Years of Hamilton College History

Each time we engage a new client there is a rush of elation… before reality sets in. It’s not an easy task, stepping in to tell someone else’s story – especially an entire college’s story – trying to capture what best represents the college and its mission.

Jake Gyllenhaal shares his vision

Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at La Pomme for New Eyes For The Needy fundraiser
Last night New Eyes For The Needy was holding a charity event at chic Chelsea venue La Pomme in New York City. Jake took time from his extremely busy schedule to show support to New Eyes For The Needy.

Branding Video shows Red Bull Stadium and ISS sparkling!

Still from branding video: ISS employee in Red Bull Stadium
Tribe working on behalf of IQ partner Citizen Dane (love that Danish humor – as well as the American cultural reference!) produced NY, NJ & SF sections of a branding video project commissioned by ISS. Not familiar with IQ? The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers regroups members from all over the world.

IQ Annual Conference In Prague: Is Illusion Everything?

View of Prague at dusk
I make a commitment to go to the IQ (International Quorum of Motion Pictures Producers) conference every year. My wife Mary Jo was able to join me this year. She actually got to see quite a bit of Prague while we were in meetings and presentations practically every day from 7am until 12pm.

Fundraising Video to raise $400 Million? Done.

Jon Huberth and Vern Oakley in fine mood at NYU gala
In 2004, NYU Law School asked us to produce a fundraising film for their Where We Stand campaign. The goal: 400 million dollars. The result: ✓+. The 400 Million mark was reached several months before the 5 year deadline.

IQ Annual Conference in Maui

IQ stands for International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers. Pffew. It’s as smart as it sounds: the only global organization dedicated to film production company owners.

It’s particularly exciting for me to participate this year as the IQ’s new President Elect.