The Untold Secrets of Your University’s In-House Video Team

One big change over the last five years is that now colleges and universities have their own sophisticated in-house video teams. Since video is in-demand on social media platforms and in communications, most colleges (and corporations, for that matter) have broad internal capabilities to address the various video projects that arise.

The Case for Personalized Video

Tribe has entered into an exciting new joint venture with the NYC agency Hiker to offer Personalized Video for our clients.

What is Personalized Video?

Imagine sending out thousands or millions of videos, each completely customized for an audience of one.

Evoking Action Through Corporate Training Videos

Video can be an excellent tool for corporate training, and the benefits go far beyond distributing information. If done well, video is the best communication medium outside of an in-person meeting to actually stir people to action. Many companies use video for training without realizing all it can accomplish.

Speak from Your Heart: Connect with Millions [Book excerpt]

The following is a chapter from Tribe CEO Vern Oakley's recent book, Leadership in Focus: Bringing Out Your Best on Camera. It makes the case for leaders to attempt to show their true authentic selves on video (as opposed to what they think others want to see). This excerpt also recounts the story of the King's Speech, about King George VI.

Speak from Your Heart: Connect with Millions—Key Ideas

Forget what you think a leader should look like on camera.

Developing Your Video Strategy for High-Performance Culture, Part 3

Part 3: Can I Shoot this on My iPhone?

This is the question we get more and more frequently. Since smartphones are ubiquitous, we are all carrying around the tools to shoot and edit video in our pockets. So can you shoot it yourself?

The answer is: MAYBE.

We recently ran into this question with one of our clients, a global Consumer Package Goods company.

Developing Your Video Strategy for High-Performance Culture, Part 1

Part 1: What is culture and why is it crucial for business success?

What’s on the CEO’s mind? Let’s simplify it. Think about this as a pie chart; the CEO is responsible for three things: 1) the vision, the mission, and strategy (or another way this is expressed is the “why” or the “purpose”); 2) operational excellence and; 3) culture.