Vern Oakley on the Dose of Leadership Podcast

Below is a transcript of Tribe CEO Vern Oakley's interview conducted by Richard Rierson for the Dose of Leadership podcast. Vern discusses his new book Leadership in Focus and other topics. You can listen or download the full podcast here. Thanks again to Richard for the lively conversation!


Dose of Leadership Podcast episode 289. Welcome to another episode of the Dose of Leadership Podcast, the show that brings you inspiring and educational interviews with today's most relevant and motivating leaders.

Video’s Power to Forge a Personal Connection

Video’s power to forge a personal connection with viewers can’t be overstated. The medium offers huge potential to break down the barriers between you and your tribe, especially if you’re in the top rungs of a large organization. When you can’t sit down to lunch with everyone and learn their name, you need to show them your human side in some other way.

Tribe Annual Review: 10 Trends

With 2016 finally in the rearview mirror, it seems like a good time to reflect on the trends we see happening in the world of video and how they may be addressed in 2017 and beyond.

1) Welcome to the video tsunami. Video is by far the way more and more people want to receive messages and information.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE: Using Interactive Video to Reboot Your Strategy

Check out the replay of last month's webinar with the fine people at Rapt Media. In it you'll hear Rapt Media's VP of Product, Caleb Hanson, and Tribe Pictures', VP of Production, Barbara Hennessy, discuss how to use the concepts of Control, Alt, Delete to reboot your video strategy using interactive video and drive the behavior needed to meet your goals.

Tribe: We Lost One of Our Own

We lost an important member of our Tribe last week. Jordan La Maire, Tribe's post-production assistant, was the best kind of Renaissance man, full of curiosity, intelligence, kindness and humor. He spoke several languages, played several instruments, and ate several meals a day (as he liked to say, "like a Hobbit.

The Video Director/On-Camera Leader Relationship

We’re asking leaders to do something very vulnerable when they step in front of a camera. Unlike actors, this isn’t what they’ve been trained to do. Actors invest a great deal of time in learning how to block everything out and maintain a trusted vibe with their director.