Practice Makes Perfectly Authentic

There are few rules that apply to everyone when it comes to finding your own voice on camera. But there’s one thing I tell all of my clients: Practice and prepare. Absorb and refine your message. It’s not about memorizing a bunch of lines. It’s about reflecting on your message, saying it out loud, and thinking about what you want to convey.

Leadership in Focus: We’re All Millennials

Rapidly changing technology shifts expectations of how we're all communicated to. In a sense, we're all millennials. I spoke with David Brancaccio of American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report about this concept.

Do you agree that the craft of storytelling remains constant?

→ The Leadership in Focus Video Series covers multiple topics from the interviews.

A Small Part in Honoring a Big Name: Company videos from our own industry.

This was a fun industry video project that Tribe was called upon to turn around in record time. Martin Scorsese was honored by the Friars Club for its highest honor, the Entertainment Icon Award.  The show's producer, Tom Werts, was in a bind, and called Tribe to clean up some raw footage, create an animated logo, and line up pre-taped greetings (shot in a wide array of formats and quality), from Margot Robbie, Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, Cate Blanchett, Peter Gabriel, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood.

5 Examples of College & University Videos

Our videos help create clear, powerful connections with prospective students, potential donors, and other key stakeholders. The five videos below illustrate some of Tribe's work in the areas of college recruiting, donor cultivation, and fundraising. Tribe works with some of the best colleges and universities in the world, and we're proud to say we've helped our education clients raise over $6 Billion.