A Love Letter to Change Agents

Many of Tribe's best clients have been "change agents," those individuals within big corporations who are proactive when identifying a business challenge, recognizing the difference between a nice-to-have and a requirement, then making it happen.

Change agents can often see something in the distance that makes them concerned, which can sometimes track as paranoia, but it's a foresight that cements their conviction.

5 Ways to Use Video for Colleges and Universities

At Tribe, we don’t begin with the video; we begin with the problem and what communication strategies will solve that problem.

We start from a strategic point of view, understanding that your institution has a voice and a plan. Together, we need to choose the right tone that will both resonate with your target audience and address a very specific problem.

10 Insane Video Statistics

There is no greater indication of the importance of video than its ever-growing ubiquity. Not only that, study after study indicates that video equals audience engagement. Video travels fast; it's very shareable.

Leaders need to be on camera to connect with people.

Shooting 360° VR Video: 4 Things I Got Wrong

We here at Tribe Pictures are conducting and documenting frequent tests in 360° video. There are a few reasons for this:

Viewing platforms are ubiquitous. As opposed to other kinds of Virtual Reality (i.e. interactive, 3D, or gaming), 360° video can be viewed by mousing around on a desktop in your browser or,  better yet, using your finger on a mobile device.

Culture Eats Strategy for Brunch

Culture cannot be prescribed.

The best way to disseminate culture is to hire and promote people who embody your company's values, from the top all the way down. Find good cultural representatives. Show off (i.e. reward, acknowledge) the good models.

The next best way to disseminate culture is to inspire your workforce to act within your culture's values, in other words, to change individual behaviors by teaching, which can then radically affect the group mentality.

Tell a Story Only You Can Tell

There are people finding purpose and meaning everyday from working at your company. Can you show it through their eyes?

“Recruiting” seems like a misnomer for the process of identifying and hiring top quality candidates. It suggests a transactional relationship in which candidates are persuaded to bind themselves at a specific rank to a highly structured organization – like military recruiting.