Using Video to Help Solve HR's #1 Problem

The results of the 2015 Deloitte Human Capital Trends study are striking. For the first time, employee retention and engagement is #1 on the list of challenges companies are up against.

There have been various studies on the cost of losing an employee.

Google’s Secret to Hiring the Best People

Laszlo Bock’s new book, Work Rules: Insights from Google that Will Transform How You Live and Lead, is chock full of revelations about leadership and business. The chapter on hiring (excerpted by Wired magazine back in April) dishes some real dirt on Google’s candidate evaluation process.

Onboarding Videos: You've hired great talent. Now what?

If you work in Human Resources, you’re well aware of the amount of time, effort and money that companies spend recruiting the best talent for their teams. But did you know that nearly half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 4 months? Even more surprisingly, half of all senior new hires also move on within the first 18 months of accepting a new position.

Attracting Experienced Hires – KPMG’s The Real Deal Case Study

KPMG realized that to win the war for experienced talent that they needed to tell their story in an honest and authentic way. KPMG worked with Tribe to develop our concept “The Real Deal: Cinema Verite, Truth at 24 Frames a Second” into a recruiting series titled “Working at KPMG – The Real Deal”.

Everyone has a different reason why they might chose to work for any company.

“Your Story” Reprise: Let Me Count The Ways

Last November I shared my perspective on telling your story on film in a blog titled You Have a Great Story to Tell.

Tribe Pictures recently finished a project for Hubbell Incorporated that tells their story. The video:

- Positions Hubbell Incorporated
- Explains their products
- Outlines their markets
- Clearly articulates and graphically portrays how Hubbell touches all of our lives in a multitude of ways - Every Day!

Let me count the ways this Hubbell production can be utilized:

As you're viewing this please consider how, where and when Hubbell Incorporated could use this production.

Tribe Pictures’ Vern Oakley Addresses New Realities of Leadership Communication

In a speech at Baruch College in New York, the veteran filmmaker and corporate video expert discussed why leaders need to convey authenticity on camera.

New York, NY – March 31st, 2016 – What does it take to achieve a sense of authenticity when leaders need to communicate on camera? That was the subject of a recent speech delivered by Vern Oakley, CEO and Creative Director of Tribe Pictures, an award-winning corporate video production company.

It really does take a village!

It took me a little over a year to participate in a Tribe Pictures production. I was able to take on the role of “client” and experience the professionalism and creativity of a great team.

After months of planning and discussing our video marketing strategy, we developed a plan for a video series – conversations with our CEO and Creative Director, Vern Oakley.