Video for Your Arsenal in the War for Talent

My colleagues at Tribe Pictures tease me for my propensity for military analogies. But I know a thing or two about war, especially the war for talent in today’s market, and the arsenal required for victory. In their quest to attract the best and brightest candidates to their firms, our corporate clients ask Tribe to help them win this battle.

College Videos: Results That Matter

The value of any video is found in the results it achieves. Results come from making a video that is born from a comprehensive understanding of your audience and how to communicate with them in the most strategically compelling manner. Once you know your audience, you need to answer the question of what you want them to think/feel/do/buy after they see the video.

Virtual Reality Possibilities

Recently, I received my cardboard, virtual reality glasses from the NY Times. I downloaded the app, along with some movies, and put my phone into the viewer to experience a couple of videos. Afterwards I felt a little cyber-sick and thought of the French audience’s reaction to one of the first motion pictures.

You Have a Great Story to Tell

As I meet with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, I ask all new acquaintances to tell me their stories. This is the best way to get people to open up, because most everyone loves to tell their story or the one behind their empire. I ask for their stories because as a member of the Tribe team, I like thinking in terms of a filmmaker telling a story.

8K Technology – Climbing the Quality Ladder

During my recent stay at Tribe Pictures, I was honored to join Michael Chomet in attending the “Experience Japanese Craftwork and the Innovative State of the 8K Ultra High Definition Technology” event at the Residence of Consul General of Japan in New York.