That’s a Wrap! The Last Phase of Corporate Video Production

This is the third of three posts explaining our approach to the video production process. While Part One outlined the questions explored during pre-production, Part Two focused on the actual production and video shoot. This final blog discusses how we piece together the insights gathered in pre-production and the footage gathered into your corporate video.

If You’re Human, You're Creative

We're all familiar with the distinction: some of us are creative and some of us are not. It's a left brain/right brain world and each of us is pretty sure in which camp we belong. But when, in your own life, did this idea take hold? Pretty sure it wasn't when you were a kid.

Video: How Much Does It Cost?

When I start on a new project, the client’s first question often is, “How much will it cost?” Unfortunately, the answer is like someone asking “How much does it cost to build a house?” — it’s not immediately apparent. With more and more vendors and practitioners offering their services, understanding what’s behind the number can be the key to the success of your video and the client’s satisfaction.

Recognition Feels Good

I have been a long distance runner in my North Jersey town for decades. I live just off a popular walk/run/dog-friendly tree-lined boulevard and enjoy jogs that include cheerful waves with neighbors. I also know all the local runners and am recognized by them.

Taking Corporate Video Productions on the Road

As we wrap up another global production, it seems the perfect time to reflect on the challenges and rewards of pulling off this type of large-scale shoot. The value in being able to physically explore all corners of the earth on a personal and creative level never ceases to amaze me and is invaluable to our clients.

College Prospects Should Be Shown – Not Told

A great article posted to Magna Publications’ Recruitment and Retention newsletter reminded me that when prospective students and their parents need reliable information about your college or university, they go to your college website first. Parents often build the initial college list and are co-decision makers with their child for the final choice.

Every Film Is Important

Last week we got a call from a client we hadn't worked with in several years. The last film we created for him - an internal communications film - was very successful and enthusiastically received. He explained his current needs this way: "We haven't been using you for smaller films where we feel we don't need to hire top-tier talent.

The Video Production Process – Part 2: Shoot!

This is the second of three posts that will explain our approach to the video production process. Part Two focuses on the actual production and video shoot.

In my last blog on the production process, I talked about the goal of pre-production: To answer all of the basic questions about your video.