Barbara Hennessy

Senior VP, Production

Best known for: Managing the many resources, schedules and budgets of our busy project slate. Grace under pressure and a keen sense of humor, even in the most trying circumstances.

Proudest Moments: Barbara is very proud of the team of talented professionals we refer to as Tribe. She is humbled by the fact that her guidance, advice and mentorship bring continued improvement to our production process as well as our collaborative creative work.

Inspired by: Performances of all kinds. She loves theater, classical and rock music, dance and even magic acts. She loves a great sunset, a moon rise, the ocean and snowfall. What keeps her going is the ability to laugh out loud and not take ourselves too seriously. But, what inspires her most of all on a daily basis is the wonder and excitement both of her children have for learning new things. She hopes never to lose sight of that. Each day is a new adventure.

Specialties: Spearheading projects as an executive in television and film production company management for 20 years. Barbara is a creative collaborator as well as a proactive producer.

Prior Lives: As Executive Producer at SBK Pictures, Barbara supervised the production of television commercials, IMAX films, and corporate videos including videos for The Partnership for a Drug Free America, The Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, The Philadelphia Convention Center and The National Park Service. At Medical Broadcasting Company, she managed a team of producers, writers, and directors to produce video segments that marketed pharmaceuticals directly to physicians, which was an early experiment in interactive television. She enjoyed the challenges of presenting serious subject matter to healthcare professionals in interesting ways that not only held their attention but prompted interaction. Barbara is a graduate of Temple University School of Communications and Theater.