Article Announcement: Why Video is No Longer Optional for Corporate Social Responsibility

The following is an excerpt of a review of Tribe CEO Vern Oakley's recent speaking engagement at the Corporate Responsibility's COMMIT!Forum. You can read the entire article here.
“Almost every aspect of corporations have a way that videos are used, and I believe that CSR – as the conscience of the organization – needs to be woven into all of these things,” he said.

Teleprompter 101

The following post was adapted from Vern Oakley's book Leadership in Focus.

Teleprompters are a mixed blessing. Technically, they’re meant to help on-camera performances by allowing the speaker to read from a prepared script. Using monitors and one-way mirrors, teleprompters display the text on an eye line so the speaker can keep his or head up rather than looking down at a written page.

Vern Oakley on the How To Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast

Tribe CEO, Vern Oakley, recently appreared on the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast with Pete Mockaitis, sharing his wisdom for connecting more sincerely whether you’re speaking on video or live.

You’ll Learn:

How breathing helps you release fear
The optimal mindset for delivering a presentation
The essential question to answer when designing your communication

To stream or download the podcast, go to the How to Be Awesome at Your Job website.

New Work: Washington and Lee University Video Series

The Challenge:

Washington and Lee University had a perception problem. Prospects, parents and even high school counselors had an outdated impression of the school. The University had the reputation of being conservative, remote, stuck in the past, and lacking diversity.

Virtual Reality and 360° Video: What’s the Difference?

VR & 360 video: What the heck’s the difference?

There’s a tendency to conflate VR and 360, and I hope to clear up some of the differences between the two. To make matters more confusing, 360-degree video is sometimes referred to as “VR 360.” The two are very much related but have many differences in their usage and in their production.

How to Direct Great Onboarding Videos

The following is an excerpt from a piece that ran in Talent Development Magazine. To read the rest, download the PDF.

Video is ubiquitous these days, but many organizations don’t realize what a powerful tool it can be for getting employees behind your company message when they first join the team.

How Leaders Can Use Video to Connect with Any Generation

Ryan Jenkins, internationally recognized speaker and consultant who helps organizations better lead, engage, and market to Millennials and Generation Z, recently interviewed Tribe CEO Vern Oakley on the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast. The topic was how leaders can use video to connect with Millennials and Generation Z, and all generations for that matter.

Webinar Replay: Rethink Recruiting: New Video Technology & Tactics for Attracting Top Talent

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The competitive nature of talent acquisition means that what worked for you yesterday, might not work today. In the case of talent acquisition, the medium is indeed the message. Your employer brand says a lot about who you are as a company, and when new recruits turn into employees, they become brand ambassadors.

The Untold Secrets of Your University’s In-House Video Team

One big change over the last five years is that now colleges and universities have their own sophisticated in-house video teams. Since video is in-demand on social media platforms and in communications, most colleges (and corporations, for that matter) have broad internal capabilities to address the various video projects that arise.