What Is A Brand Film?

Unlike the average brand video which usually pushes one basic message, a brand film is a stylized and carefully crafted piece of media designed to entertain, inspire, and educate your audience. Brand films require a rock solid partnership between your company and a creative corporate video agency that will take the time to learn about your brand & general marketing in order to help you incorporate a strong corporate video strategy. As brands seek to establish a stronger internet presence and marketing strategies evolve online, video has proven to be an effective method to disseminate your company’s message. A great brand video can be shared on multiple platforms in its entirety, but can also be shortened into bite-sized content for reposting and refreshing your brand’s image in the minds of viewers. A series of brand videos can have a particularly good ROI for global Fortune 500 companies, as they can showcase branches in different countries and emphasize your company’s growth and impressive global reach. This kind of evergreen brand video marketing is an extremely cost effective way to get your brand’s message online and keep it relevant.

BASF – Brand Film

What Should Your Brand Film Include?

The key to making a rhetorically effective brand film is to focus on your company’s values and how they relate to the values of your target audience. Ideally, your video should also include a ‘call to action’ to inspire your viewers to share, like, or talk about your brand. A brand film needs to feel authentic and exciting so your audience is unlikely to forget your message.

An easy way to ensure this is by having pre-interviews with current employees as part of your video’s pre-production checklist. This will give your corporate video agency the most up to date look at how your company values are put into practice, and will help determine who should be interviewed and presented in your final video.

However, if you want to create truly inspiring brand videos, then you must make sure your videos show the ‘bigger picture’ goals of your organization by telling the emotionally moving stories of individuals. Cinema’s ability to forge empathy between a viewer and a subject should be utilized by brands as much as possible. It is one thing to put a graphic up in your corporate brand videos that states how much money your company has donated to a charity; it is another experience for a viewer to watch an emotional testimonial from someone who has directly benefited from your company’s charitable outreach.

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