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The best corporate brand videos focus on a company’s values, history, and goals. Especially in employer brand videos, who better than your employees to champion your message? Watch these videos to see how employees of all levels were incorporated to help humanize companies and express the essence of their unique brand.

Hess Company Video

The Challenge: How to engage all company stakeholders around the values that are the bedrock of Hess Corporation while pointing to a bright and promising future ahead....(more)

Tribe Solution: Working with the theme “The Future is in Our Hands” we utilized a picture frame transition to show employees from across the organization literally holding up a vision of the company’s growth. We heard from top leaders as well as mid-level managers and associates speaking about their pride in how the company as a whole lives true to their six corporate values....(more)

BASF – Brand Film

The Challenge: BASF wanted to generate awareness and excitement about their brand as an employer of choice, especially among millennials, while at the same time engage their employees around the campaign theme - BELONG....(more)

Tribe Solution: Driven by a voice track that is fun, informative and humorous we used a combination of stock shots and original cinematography pulled from the longer story pieces to portray an array of promising career opportunity at BASF....(more)

Stanley Black & Decker – Symphony

The Challenge: How to illustrate the global, everyday-impact of Stanley Black & Decker across its full industrial portfolio....(more)

Tribe Solution: Personalizing the impact of SB&D's industrial tools, hardware and services was the trick. Tribe created emotional connection with a concept, script and film that shows how the rhythms of everyday lives are enriched by the brand. The expanse is global. The vibe is deeply personal....(more)

Sumitomo Values Overview

The Challenge: Sumitomo is a vast and complex company with a long history rooted in guiding principles or values. The leadership at Sumitomo needed to capture the spirit, vision, and values that permeate the company and that drive its success....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe conceived, wrote and produced this overview of Sumitomo’s values, using mostly existing stock footage manipulated with a Japanese “paint brush” style graphical treatment. The video was promoted via Sumitomo’s internal networks to foster employee engagement and a re-commitment to the company’s values....(more)