Chris Mushinskie

Post Production Manager

Best known for: Keeping organization under firm control even when things get hectic – all done with a smile.

Proudest Moments: The first time seeing something he worked on broadcast on air.

Inspired by: All of the arts: that new amazing album that just came out, that old play they just revived that gave him a new perspective on life, or the film whose images stayed with him long after watching it.

Specialties: Making the editing process an exciting part of story telling. Pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together to bring a story alive.

Prior Lives: After getting a master’s degree in Media Studies from the New School, Chris worked as an assistant editor for LinkTV, Tapestry International and Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. He’s particularly interested in documentary and has worked on the post-production of Married in America 2, a compelling documentary about marriage.