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Sunwing Challenge:

To underscore Sunwing’s belief in the importance of human relationships in business.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe created a testimonial series featuring Sunwing’s founder/CEO and the story of the successful relationship between Sunwing and CIT. Working from meticulously crafted storyboards, Tribe filmed unrehearsed interviews to show how leaders from both companies worked together to forge a mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership.



Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Executive Producers: Vern Oakley, Barbara Hennessy
Producer: Lori Schmon, Jim Calabrese
Director: Patrick Nash
DP: Don Blackburn
Editor: Keith Reamer


2012- Platinum Best of Show-Aurora Awards
2012- Award of Merit- Accolade Competition
2013- Bronze Medal- Telly Awards

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