Unsure About Your Company’s Compliance Training? Use Video.

The question those tasked with compliance or ethics training must ask themselves is how to make presentations that are both informative and entertaining, particularly when they are mandated? Compliance training can be a particularly difficult topic to tackle, as the rules depend on new policies and regulations that are industry specific and subject to change. This is where using video in your compliance training can take a lot of the burden off of presenters by covering the basics of compliance that are least subject to change, and thus freeing up your HR employees to only reiterate key points and discuss any recent updates in legislation or company policy in their training.

What Would This Compliance Training Video Look Like?

It is always great to include your leadership in videos meant for internal usage, as they can speak with authority about the importance of compliance training to the company. Another great option for compliance videos is to use animation and narration. Narration can set up an ethics issue while animation provides visual examples of the situation. The narrator can then work through the steps of how an employee should ideally respond in order to be in compliance, and the animation can even show ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of handling problems. Animation is a friendly, non-judgemental medium to show employees what is expected without a negative intimidation factor. Making short, bite-size content that shows different regulations in different styles can also keep the audience’s attention while covering a lot of ground, giving your compliance training courses an energy boost.