Your Ethics Training Video Can Be The Best Part Of Onboarding!

The typical onboarding experience always includes ethics training, but ethics can seem removed from employees daily experiences, and sometimes appears as a ‘down from on high’ instruction manual that doesn’t resonate with individuals. The way to avoid this fate, keep employees engaged, and have your ethics rules not just be accepted but become a source of pride for your employees is simple: always return to your company’s values. A lot has to be accomplished in the onboarding process, and companies aim for the four C’s – Compliance, Clarification, Connection, and Culture, but really these are not four separate categories. Instead, the four C’s should be approached as one overarching goal, which is why your training videos for ethics should include compliance, sure, but also a clear connection between your ethics guidelines and the culture your company has fostered.

Ethics Training & Company Culture:

Ethics training revolves around emphasizing individual accountability, which is why discussing broad concepts like company culture at first glance seems to be at odds with personal responsibility. But by organizing your ethics compliance videos around the theme of your company’s values, the ethics rules take on more weight as they are shown to be a key part of how your company survives and thrives. Individual employees can see how their personal ethical choices impact the broader company, and that they have to do their part to make their workplace a great environment by maintaining company values in their everyday lives. A concise, upbeat ethics video can make the rules seem like a team effort instead of instructions to be obeyed.