Who Will You Trust With Your HR Story?

Communicating values in video brings your story to life. It shows “values in action” and emphasizes the impact on an organization and its workforce. Creative videos can help companies recognize their employees, support morale, reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.

Besides employee recognition, a strategically made video series can also help with recruiting as nothing gets talent interested in your company as quickly as a great employee recruitment video.

To win the war for experienced talent, clients like KPMG, BASF and HESS work with Tribe to develop stories to recruit and retain their most important asset… people. Our process captures on video what your company culture is like and why your business has a unique, exciting, productive work environment.

What’s It Like To Work At KPMG

The Challenge: Encourage college grads to apply for positions by capturing the essence of what it’s like to work at KPMG from the perspective of eight employees. Longer form videos were created for each job opportunity....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe did a deep dive with each employee, filming their lives both inside and outside of the office to give a personal perspective on what it is like to work for the company. ...(more)

The Result: An employee recruitment video that focuses on the people who make KPMG great. The personal accounts from employees hit home why KPMG is one of the world’s most attractive employers....(more)

Brandy’s Story Of Growth At BASF

The Challenge: Explain how you can grow professionally and personally by understanding the opportunities that are offered by BASF. Shorter videos were pulled out for use on social media....(more)

Tribe Solution: A series of moving employee profile videos were created for BASF, and shorter videos were pulled out for use on social media....(more)

The Result: Tribe helped show the opportunities available to BASF employees, and emphasized the many reasons why it’s a wonderful place to work and grow....(more)

A Story Of Mentoring And Knowledge Sharing At A Hess

The Challenge: Telling the story of HESS’s commitment to knowledge-transfer through the eyes of those employees that have benefited from the process. Confirmation that internal growth is valued here...(more)

Tribe Solution: In this recruiting video, Tribe highlighted how employees implemented the Hess motto of “growing your own timber” by nurturing & mentoring new employees all around the globe. ...(more)

The Result: HESS’s commitment to knowledge-transfer is shown through the eyes of those employees that have benefited from the process. The many testimonials in the video assure potential employees that internal growth is valued at HESS....(more)

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