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The term ‘investor relations videos’ covers a broad category of corporate video, but the unifying factor of these videos is that the client is trying to educate investors about their business. Check out these great internal communications videos, and note how they all go one step further than just educating viewers – they inspire the audience.

Sumitomo Aerospace

The Challenge: The series called for stories that illuminate the company’s guiding principles of a global company staying a step ahead, creating value and contributing widely to society....(more)

Tribe Solution: With a focus on the Aerospace and Defense business and pointing to an amazing future in air travel, defense systems, and space exploration, Tribe was able to paint a portrait of a company that is dedicated to reimagining the future together with innovative partners and employees....(more)

Quest – RWJBarnabas

The Challenge: When Steve Rusckowski became CEO of Quest in 2012, he had a bold vision to significantly grow the core diagnostic business. Our challenge was to educate investors on the business benefits of this complex consumer healthcare story, and to humanize the company’s strategy....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe produced a series of videos each showcasing one of Quest’s collaborative partnerships: a successful joint venture with Safeway, professional lab services outsourcing with RWJBarnabas Health, and a strategic hospital alliance with UMass Memorial Medical Center. By hearing actual success stories, viewers see that Quest’s strategy is resulting in positive business outcomes for their customers, which then shows investors that there is a clear path for continued growth. After screening at Quest’s Investor Day meeting, confidence in the CEO’s plan resulted in a 5% increase in stock price within the week....(more)

Hubbell – Annual Report

The Challenge: Hubbell Incorporated’s Investor Relations team needed a film to help tell the story of their rich heritage and the future of the business to provide visual support for their Annual Review site. Hubbell wanted the video to celebrate their growing business and the sound management and leadership driving the future of the company. The video needed to provide a compelling, cinematic introduction to Hubbell Incorporated also supplying a powerful overview of the company’s strengths, spirit and philosophy....(more)

Tribe Solution: A rousing, vivid introduction to Hubbell Incorporated that presents an emotionally moving snapshot of the past, present and future of the business to provide visual support for their 2015 Annual Review site. Tribe worked closely with Hubbell Incorporated’s Investor Relations and Marketing teams to learn about the three distinct business units – Lighting, Electrical and Power – and then understand the breadth of products offered by each. ...(more)

Stanley – Build. Connect. Protect.

The Challenge: With a video placed prominently on the annual review website, Stanley Black and Decker saw an opportunity to engage investors with an overview of their brands and the impact they have across the globe. Can a business story have an emotional impact?...(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe chose to illustrate the concept of Build Protect Connect through vignettes that resonate on a human level. A young family uses tools to prepare a nursery for their first child, a grandfather helps build a go-kart for the children, and preschoolers learn safely in classrooms protected by SBD Security. Supported by narration and contemporary graphics that suggest the hidden presence of design, engineering and superior skill, the video presents a company strategy that is ever aware of their impact on everyday life....(more)