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The best executive video, whether it’s a simple CEO welcome message to employees or a profile on an important executive, is one in which a leader is comfortable enough to be themselves on camera. This is no easy task, which is why Tribe’s CEO Vern Oakley wrote a book specifically to teach business leaders how to give an inspiring performance on video. Check out the videos below to see examples of executives who are able to be both authentic and motivational on-camera.

COTY Michele Executive Profile

The Challenge: To prepare Coty for its IPO by helping to present the company leadership in a way that aligns with their ethos of freedom, innovation and flexibility....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe crafted nine individual filmic portraits of Coty’s senior management as emblems of Coty’s new brand persona, emphasizing the way they embodied Coty’s goals and values....(more)

Hess Values – Integrity (North Sea)

The Challenge: How could Hess make its values more meaningful to its people and help shape a positive public identity?...(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe produced a video for each of the six company values. The videos captured Hess people in their natural working environment telling their personal stories about the importance of values in their work and how that framed their day-to-day decisions. The cast included people from communities, partnering companies, and governments to add third-party credibility to the stories. The videos are emotional, powerful, and deeply resonant with employees and company leaders, many of whom ask to show them at the start of team meetings...(more)

BD CEO Message

The Challenge: After only a year with a new leader at the helm of the company, BD wanted to create a CEO report to engage all associates with his vision....(more)

Tribe Solution: This video is a celebration of Vince Forlenza’s first year as CEO at BD. It encapsulates the accomplishments of the year for the company as a whole. It presents Vince as an inspiring leader and reflects the goals of the company....(more)

UBS Alli McCartney Profile

The Challenge: How to truly differentiate one wealth management practice from so many others?...(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe proposed a series of personal profiles that explore the passion and philosophy that drives these top tier financial advisors to win for their clients. With so much at stake, prospective clients need to know that they can trust the person behind the plan....(more)