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When M&A’s happen, timely and relevant communication has to follow (before pundits and naysayers can put their spin on the deal). The most effective way to tell the right story, with continuity, is with an acquisition announcement video to customers and employees. Tribe knows how to craft these business stories so executive management has a chance to promote their vision of the future in their company merger announcement, and also explain how they will lead the company to success.

Here are a few examples:

Watson Pharmaceutical and Actavis Merger

The Challenge: Tell the story of strength in numbers. Two global enterprises become one and create a new human culture that supports a single vision....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe knew this project was not a typical company merger announcement video, so they assembled an international team of talent to create – from script through global production to final edits –two videos that humanized all aspects of the new company. ...(more)

The Result: The global span and all-inclusive nature of the content that was gathered created a video with broad representation, and allowed for the greatest possible connection between the newly merged workforce and its now unified company....(more)

Stanley Works and Black & Decker

The Challenge: How do you communicate that two companies share the same values and will continue to innovate after the deal? One plus one becomes a really good thing....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe interviewed numerous members of the company leadership, using graphics and B-roll to emphasize the synergy and profitability of the newly joint companies....(more)

The Result: This upbeat and creative corporate video quickly gives the sense that this merger was destiny, as the two companies have so many shared values but unique portfolios, resulting in a video that is reassuring and inspiring....(more)

Stanley Black & Decker AFTER the Merger (Brazil)

The Challenge: How do you prove that the merger of two companies actually worked in a single market and is delivering on the expectations of all stakeholders?...(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe traveled to vibrant Brazil to show the global reach of the new company, and to hear how Stanley Black & Decker had thrived since the initial company merger announcement....(more)

The Result: This fast-moving video reflects the optimism and positivity of SBD’s Brazilian employees, who experienced first-hand the benefits of the merger as they have come to dominate the market. ...(more)

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