Michael Chomet

Senior VP / Creative Director

Best known for: His EMMY Award-winning, laser-focused editing and Executive Producing of MTV’s innovative “College Life” television series.

Proudest Moments: When his daughter graduated Vassar and son received his Masters from Cornell.

Inspired by: Collaborating with talented yet grounded people who are committed to making emotional connections visually.

Specialties: Michael understands how commerce and art intersect and can leverage his experience to blend these two elements with ease and care. He also flyboards, scuba dives, sails, and performs digital “cosmetic surgery” (aka Chometizing), but not all at once.

Prior Lives: As founder, owner, and entrepreneur of Chomet Inc., a successful full-service post production company for 18 years, Michael edited The Ben Stiller Show, Eugene Levy’s first television show, REM’s first music video, and Reading Rainbow. He also did the post production for Kanye West and Hype Williams’ Heartless music video, and worked with Martha Stewart.

Email Michael at michael@tribepictures.com