Purpose-Driven Communication in the Healthcare Industries

As a leader in the healthcare industries, you have a unique and compelling story to tell. We can help you tell them. We’ve worked with leading firms in Pharma, biotech, biopharma, diagnostics, medical devices and hospital systems, helping them harness the power of their stories to achieve their business objectives. We understand regulatory complexities and the difficulties of shooting in controlled environments. More importantly, we know how to help you make persuasive arguments and forge powerful human connections. We get it, and we get it done.

Executive Profile Videos

“I want everybody to meet the Julie I know.”

Merck gave us a crisp one-page brief, 16 still photos and a finished video that had missed the mark. We had seven days to create a new piece introducing Dr. Julie Gerberding to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Award audience. Her accomplishments won her the award. Her story was much richer. Here’s how we told it (with an assist from the former Secretary of State).

Merck HBA Woman of the Year

Merger & Acquisition Videos

Another merger? Why is that good for me?

When Actavis and Watson Pharmaceuticals came together, all of their stakeholders had questions and concerns. We were tasked with helping them see the potential. Here’s how we tapped into the optimism and commitment of their employees to inspire confidence and paint a picture of a brighter future together.

“Twice As” Actavis

Employee Engagement Videos

How do we get the rest of us to perform like the best of us?

Actavis had a talented and dedicated team with a clear mission. They were growing rapidly and wanted to inspire their diverse global employees to share a strong sense of purpose. We found four extraordinary employees who exemplified the Actavis Way, and told their stories simply and convincingly. Here’s one of them.

“Keith Maynard” Actavis

Investor Relations Videos

Can we get quantitative-oriented analysts to feel the Aha moment?

Intercept knew that the completion of a Phase III trial would be exciting to investors, but how could they use that opportunity to showcase an enterprise built for enduring success? We revealed the compelling human story behind the data and bench science, with all its setbacks, occasional doubts and moments of brilliant revelation.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Customer Testimonial Videos

When is your best salesperson not one of your employees?

Quest Diagnostics had scored a major coup, convincing the Barnabas Medical Network to outsource their internal diagnostic operations. They introduced us to the people at Barnabas, and we helped them tell the story. Nothing works like a heartfelt testimonial from a highly satisfied client.

Investor Day Video

Patient Testimonial Videos

How do I make generous donors feel like they’re part of a vital mission?

Montefiore Medical Systems has compelling statistics and a loyal base of supporters who understand the important role they play in the greater New York Community. We understood that the power of a captivating patient profile would help them feel the difference they had made in one family’s life. Meet the Taubs.

Montefiore – The Taubs’ Story

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