Employee Recruitment Videos Tailored To Your Business

Your company only has one chance to make a positive impression on eager job hunters who are looking to find work with a business that seems like a good personal fit. A short, upbeat employee recruiting video allows your company to send a clear message about your goals and values, and communicate a vision of what it is like to work at your corporation. But rather than rely on  stock footage and statistics about your company, make your employee recruitment video stand out from the pack by personalizing your message. Employee testimonials allow you to put your best and brightest on camera to share their personal experience of working for your company. This accomplishes two things: it acknowledges and rewards certain employees for their work ethic and excellence, and it allows you to show potential employees exactly what kind of candidates you are seeking and what makes someone successful at your company/in a particular position.


Use Video To Connect With The Ideal Job Candidates

Video allows your potential employees to put a human face to your company. A recruiting video is a great way to present your company’s leadership to viewers and allow them to share their mission and vision for the future. Putting your CEO or other leaders on camera is a way for recruits to connect with your company’s ideals and goals, and inspire them to reflect on what they may be able to contribute to your organization.

And a great employee recruitment video should also double as a promotional video for your business. Make sure to incorporate any new videos into your online social media presence, particularly LinkedIn as it has been shown that videos on LinkedIn’s platform receive three times more engagement than a traditional text post. Use this to your advantage, and make a great employee recruitment video that will reach far more people than a traditional job posting.