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Stanley Black & Decker

“Emerging Markets”

Stanley Black & Decker Challenge:

Connect employees worldwide to each other and to the brand through a film for the Annual Year in Review site (to be seamlessly experienced on mobile and tablet platforms). Tell a compelling story of the SB&D global transformation affecting the design, build and distribution strategies in all markets worldwide.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe and its web design partner, Ideas on Purpose, worked together to tell this story in four parts, capturing original footage from across Asia and incorporating previous footage shot in South America, Europe and North America to represent every emerging marketplace. The story made the strategic goals understandable on a human level, and it is told compellingly in a mobile-friendly package.



Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Executive Producer: Barbara Hennessy
Producer/Directors: Vern Oakley, Jim Calabrese, Sebastian Cardemil
Production Team: Sharon Gernsheimer, Alexandra Beni
Writer: Chris Boebel
DP: Daniel Andrade
Editor: Ray Quaranto
Production China: Common Communications Co. (IQ)
Production India: Nomad Films (IQ)
Production Dubai: Alchemy Films
Music: Future Perfect

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