Vern Oakley

“Our films have a driving mission: we humanize the world’s most successful companies.”

Best known for: Founding and building Tribe Pictures, Director of A Modern Affair (feature film).

Proudest Moments: Being elected President of IQ, hearing clients’ praise at the end of each project.

Inspired by: Great storytelling in movies and books, stunning sunsets and time with his family.

Specialties: Vern has been called a business artist. He is able to translate the left brain needs of the client (business strategy) to the right brain needs of the production team (storytelling & artistry). And vice versa. He helps institutions and leaders express and communicate their soul and humanity beneath their titles and talking points. He helps them connect with and mobilize their tribes!

Prior Lives: Before directing and producing short and long form films for the world’s most successful companies, Vern spent 6 years at the Actors Studio with Arthur Penn and Ellen Burstyn where he was a member of the Playwrights and Directors Unit as an invited guest. He received top honors at the International Film and Television Festival for the Emmy Award-winning Reading Rainbow (director), an Emmy nomination for a PBS documentary, The Chemical People (editor) and multiple festival awards for his feature film, A Modern Affair (director/producer) starring Stanley Tucci.

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